Matthew Kurz - Updates & Prayers

Periodic updates on Matthew's condition and ongoing prayers and words of encouragement for Matthew and his family.

April 24, 2011

Update - Easter Sunday 4/24/11

Joyous news to share - Matthew walked into church this morning with his family, walked to the 5th pew from the front, stood with the rest of the congregation at the appropriate times, and walked to communion with his family. In addition to this miraculous sight for the congregation to behold, Matthew's grandmother who hasn't been able to walk for months because of foot surgery, also walked to communion.

Thank the Lord for the many blessings in Matthew's journey of healing.

Blessed Easter to all of you!

Rachel Asburry
Matthew's godmother

March 05, 2011

Update - 3/5/11

Five years later and Matthew continues to improve!!! God is good!!!!

Matthew is now RUNNING in the water during water therapy. Who could have imagined that could happen when several years ago he was stuck in his chair and hardly spoke? His mother certainly did imagine it and she has never stopped believing in all the wonderful possibilities for Matthew!

A couple weeks ago Matthew walked from the bathroom in their house to his recliner. And he did it without holding onto anyone - only used his claw-footed cane. He reached out for his mom to offer her hand for him to grab onto and she said "you don't need me" so he kept going on his own.

Matthew also continues to make strides in his mental thought processes. He is beginning to think through things and figure out what to say rather than have to be prompted to figure out what he wants or give up and say "oh, whatever." He's also describing what he thinks and what he sees. This is such a beautiful accomplishment! It's great to begin to tap into what's going on in his mind.

Have a blessed day!

Rachel Asburry
Matthew's godmother

January 25, 2011

Update - January 25, 2011

Five years ago today Matthew and Andrew survived the car accident that changed both of their lives. We are so thankful that God blessed us with the continued joys of being touched by Matthew and Andrew's presence in our lives.

Andrew is looking forward to continued education in therapy. We are so very proud of him!

Matthew is in the wheelchair LESS and LESS all the time!!! Recently he spent the whole day OUT of the wheelchair and WALKED into the nursing homes to visit both his grandfather and grandmother.

Right before Christmas we were thrilled with more "firsts" in Matthew's continued progress. For the first time since the accident, he walked into our house (his godparents) and he didn't use his wheelchair the whole weekend while in our house. The wheelchair sat in a corner while Matthew manuevered through our house on his own two feet throughout the weekend and he even took the stairs down out of the house to go to church on Sunday morning.

This "trip" to church involved walking across the parking lot from our house to the church, rode the elevator down to the basement, walked across a long room in the church basement to get to the Bible class room and then Matthew attended his godfather's Bible class for the first time in more than five years. THEN he walked UP the stairs and into the church and was present for the special occasion of the recognition of this godfather's 20th anniversary of ordination. It was a beautiful thing to watch Matthew walk into the sanctuary and listen with rapt attention to the sermon. He also insisted on standing and sitting throughout the service like the rest of the congregation.

Thank you, Lord for your many blessings to Matthew and his family and for Matthew's continued progress and improvement.

Rachel Asburry
Matthew's godmother

November 04, 2010

Update - 11/04/10

Another first for Matthew - on Sunday, Matthew walked INTO CHURCH with his cane and then all the way down toward the front of the church and sat in the church pew - NO WHEELCHAIR!

Then another first - later in the day Matthew attended a Reformation service with his family. Again he sat in the pew rather than in his wheelchair. Following the service, Matthew walked to the elevator, headed downstairs for the dinner and then insisted on sitting on a regular chair like everyone else. Those folding metal chairs are not easy for Matthew to get into, but he did it!

It's exciting that Matthew is using the wheelchair less and less when he's out and about!

October 03, 2010

Update - 10/3/10

It was very exciting to witness Matthew walking down the road to the finish line at the Missouri Brain Injury Association Walk-a-thon "Journey for Hope" in September! Matthew had friends and family cheering him on as he walked with a cane and his therapist, Paul, was by his side. The cheerleaders at the finish line certainly got Matthew's attention (and maybe were a little bit of a distraction - but he kept going). Then everyone cheered Matthew's friend, Chris as he too got out of his wheelchair and walked across the finish line.

Thanks to all who supported the walk-a-thon!

Later that afternoon Matthew's first art show was held at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School. As guests viewed Matthew's art completed from his art class at State Farm Community College, they were serenaded by a violin and piano duet. Here's one example of Matthew's artwork.

Recently Matthew had a "miracle day." He was with his mother helping Grandma celebrate her birthday. He rode in the car - NOT in the wheelchair but in the front passenger seat. He got out of the car and WALKED into the restaurant where they had lunch. Matthew sat in a REGULAR chair during the meal, then walked out the the restaurant and got back in the car! THEN, later while their car was being serviced in Sedalia, Matthew and his mother got to go for a ride in a convertible - with the top down! It was a banner day for Matthew.

September 03, 2010

Update - 9/3/10

Exciting, exciting... Here's a few snippets of what Matthew is up to:

Matthew now walks the length of the pool WITHOUT any assistance!

Recently in church Matthew initiated ON HIS OWN to stand up when the rest of the congregation stood up. He said "I think I need to stand up now!" And he did it more than once during the church service. He stood tall and strong.

In two weeks, Matthew will have an art show of his pieces of work. This art show will be in connection with the "Journey of Hope" walk-a-thon. Please join us for this fundraiser for Brain Injury Association of Missouri on September 18 in Sedalia, MO. For more information or to register for the walk-a-thon go to the following link:

May 07, 2010

Update - 5/7/10

Matthew is going to college!!!!!! Matthew will take an art class this summer at State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Missouri. This is a major step forward in his progress! Matthew is so excited!

Matthew is also very excited that his brother, Andrew is coming home from college soon. Mom will certainly appreciate the additional hands to help caring for Matthew since she is also busy caring for her mother who is in poor health. Please keep Brenda in your prayers as she juggles a "million" different hats!

One more bit of good news for Matthew - he no longer is in a hospital bed in his bedroom at home. He now sleeps in a regular bed!

Hope you are enjoying beautiful spring weather wherever you are!

Rachel Asburry
Matthew's godmother